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About us



The foundation of our mission is mutual trust in relationships with our customers and partners.

What motivates us is the passion we share for trading and a real desire to contribute.

We run our collaborations and honor our obligations in a climate of stability and balance.


We aim for performance. Each client's goals become components of our own performance, their interests become ours.

We are constantly meeting our customers with innovative solutions,  to adapt to their needs as efficiently as possible.

 Precisely for these reasons, our business card is the quality, the profitability of our services and the satisfaction of our customers.

The attributes that characterize us are loyalty, promptness and transparency, both as individuals and as a team.


Our cohesion, given by common passion and values, enables us to capitalize on the qualities of each member within an extensive team of professionals in order to meet our clients' expectations and maintain the stability and balance they have become accustomed to.


We aim and succeed in fulfilling our mission on a daily basis with professionalism and we encourage any collaboration or partnership initiative for the benefit of our clients.


        This website is managed by a group of financial analysts and experienced traders, aiming to be a complete guide for trading the main financial instruments. We are addressing both early-stage and experienced traders, providing a wide range of services - elementary education courses, intensive Mentoring courses on more complex tools and strategies, trading signals and strategies.


Why L.S.T Mentoring & Consulting ?


          Along with our traders and analyst, you wil acquire the ability to trade in the financial markets by learning techniques and trading methods that have been tested and proven over the years in order to gain steady profits. At your disposal there will be a full team of professionals who will help you acquire knowledge,  an appropriate mindset for this type of investment, providing you throughout this process all the necessary support and advices adapted to your needs and style.