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LST MENTORING & CONSULTING comes to reward his loyal customers and partners by offering a profitable affiliation program.

If you use our services and you are pleased, you are dealing with online marketing or you are a blogger, you can recommend / promote our services and we will reward you for that. By signing up for this program you will receive a unique affiliate link so you can promote our services. You will be able to see on your affiliate page every person who have accessed our site via the assigned affiliate link. If that visitor purchases one of the company's services, you will be rewarded with 25% of its value. This partnership is initialed through a contract that you will find below.

If you want to become an affiliate and you are already a registered user, you can check that you agree to the terms and conditions below, in the lower-left corner of this page.

If you want more details about affiliation terms and conditions, you can contact us via the online assistent, by phone - at any numbers displayed on our website, or you can send us a message in our contact section.


The terms and conditions below govern the relationship between LS TRADING company (reffered as The company) and any individual/company who has  accepted the affiliation term and opened an Affiliate User Account (referred as The Affiliate).

Any change to these terms and conditions is binding upon affiliates as soon as is published on LS TRADING web site.

1) The Affiliate will promote Company’s services and will be paid by commission for any paid service orders made by third parties (referred at as clients) through the Affiliate’s assigned affiliation link.

2) To become affiliated, any interested individual/company will open an Affiliate User Account on Company’s website.

The affiliate can not use the affiliation service to order the Company's services for his/her own benefit, and being refuded by the commision for the paid price. This is a fraud and gives to the Company the right to recover from the Affiliate all the direct and indirect prejudices.

3) By finalizing the registration step The Affiliate firmly accepts the present Terms and Conditions.

4) The Personal Data colected in the registration procces and affiliation relationship will be kept for all contractual relationship and two years after its termination, being processed legally, fairly and transparently.

5) After registration the affiliate will receive a unique affiliate link and he/she is fully responsible for its confidentiality.

6) Paid service orders made through the affiliate link give the Affiliate the right for a commission of 25% of order’s price (under condition to be paid by the client)

7) The affiliate will automatically receive in his affiliation page a status of orders made by his affiliate link.

8) The commissions is paid monthly, on the 10th day, after the Company receives the payment for the orders subject of commission.

10) The commission is paid only for orders made by the assigned affiliate link. The affiliate can not claim and prove the right to receive the commission by other means.

11) Legal taxes and other fees in relation with the incomes/profits represented by the commisions will  be reported and paid by The Affiliate.

12) Customers who have accessed Company’s services through the affiliate link become  Company’s Clients. The affiliate can not claim any other rights related to the clients beside the commision.

13) The affiliation ca be terminated by any party, by a simple written notice to the other party, without further formalities.

14) The affiliate can use any marketing means promoting the Company’s services, except for those below.

15) It is forbidden to the Affiliate to promote the Company's services on web pages which:
a) have sexual or pornographic content or promote such content;
b) promote violence or racism by any criteria;
c) are defamatory, slanderous or use vulgar language;
d) involves, facilitates or promotes the sale or use of illegal substances;
e) involves, facilitates or promotes activities of terrorism, riot or other illegal activities;
f) harm juveniles in any way;
g) involves or facilitates gambling;
h) violates any laws, intellectual property rights or other third parties’ rights;
i) contain, imply, facilitate or promote illegal activities, including, but not limited to, warez websites, hacking or cracking websites, filesharing or torrent websites, files and / or other intellectual property viewing, downloading, selling or copying without the permission of the owner;
i) use spam methods;

16) It is also forbidden to Affiliates to use any aggressive marketing methods / methods which are disturbing by frequency and / or content or which could affect the Company’s image the image of its  employees / collaborators / affiliates.

17) The Company reserves its right to permanently verify the Affiliate's compliance with Online Marketing conditions and to request, at any time, relevant information about online marketing environments and methods used by the Affiliates. The Affiliate undertakes to suply all this information to the Company without delays.

18) The Affiliate also consents to the processing of his/her personal data by The Company, by its management, employees, partners, colaborators.

19) The Company collects the following personal data: First and last name, e-mail adress, telephone number, Social security number, home adress, bank account number.

20) The legal basis of the processing is represented by the Affiliate’s consent.

22) At any time, the Affiliate may request information on how its data is processed. The request will be processed within 10 days to 30 days, depending on the total requests volume and taking into account of situations such as (non-limiting) technical problems and medical issues.

23) Personal data will be stored and processed for optimal performance of contractual relationships, for providing free services, commissions billing and payment, for damage recovery, in case that the Affiliate does not comply with the present Terms and Conditions.

24) At the same time, the data will be processed for the purpose of submitting promotional offers on the Services provided by the company.

25) The Affiliate has the following rights:

The right to have access to his or her personal data, as it appears in the company's records

The right to request the rectification or to oppose their full or partial processing or to request their deletion or restriction of processing, without affecting the lawfulness of the processing carried out on the basis of the consent before withdrawing it.

The right of data portability  - the possibility to request the transmission of the data to another operator.

The right to address the supervisory authority with a complaint against the company, in the case that the processing is carried out of law.

26) Personal data contained in the invoices issued by the Company and in any other financial-accounting records shall be kept for as long as the tax authorities or any other entitled public authorities may request these documents for carrying out an inspection.